Swimming pools with "Turnkey Solutions"

We are a company in the province of Ancona (Italy), specialized in the design and construction of swimming pools; competence and passion are our strengths able to make us do an impeccable job. Tecno Piscine offers the possibility to create and purchase the pool of your dreams with the innovative “TURNKEY” formula. All you have to do is contact us, and from that moment you will be accompanied in all aspects by our staff of experts.

Tecno Piscine


Pools in reinforced concrete, steel panels and EPS.
Tecno Piscine creates tailor-made pools designed for you.

Tecno Piscine


We renovate, repair and modernize your pool and take care of your coverings with care. We guarantee an high quality with periodic checks on values.

Tecno Piscine


A piece of paradise with customized whirlpool areas and heating systems, to use the pool even in the cold months. 



There will be several phases that will lead to the construction of the swimming pool. First a brief interview on the client’s intentions and then we’ll proceed to the inspection and design of the pool. Finally, the estimate, which will include all the bureaucratic parts.

Tecno Piscine - Realizzazione Piscine Chiavi in Mano - Chiama 3495012501
Tecno Piscine - Realizzazione Piscine Ancona, Jesi, Marche e Estero - Chiama 3495012501

In a short time you will be able to dive into your new pool. With our “Turnkey” service you can also choose whether to implement scheduled maintenance operations. You literally don’t have to think about anything anymore.


Forget all the annoying and tiring manual operations. Thanks to the use of a motor and a roller, the closure of your pool will be completely automated, from the beginning to the hermetic closure. Securing the facility will be a breeze. At the same time, the cover protects against dirt, atmospheric events and during the hottest season it avoids the phenomenon of water evaporation during the night.

Do you already have a swimming pool and do not have the possibility to install the roller and the motor in an underground compartment? Don’t worry, you can resort to above ground installation on existing buildings. It is also adaptable to many of the shapes available on the market. Remember that automatic coverage allows you to reduce management costs. You will save about 50% per year compared to what you would have to spend to keep your pool in optimal condition.