Specialized services

Our obsessive attention to detail and the aim of always surprising the customer allow us to create real terrestrial paradises, tailor-made for you, transforming your pool into the relaxation corner you have always dreamed of.

Specialized consultancy

Tecno Piscine accompanies the customer throughout the journey that leads first to the purchase and then to the realization. We have dedicated a special consulting service that will help you make the right decision. We accompany the customer in 5 phases throughout the entire pre-construction process.

3D design and render

We are able to show you a preview of the swimming pool with 3d renderings, made thanks to an accurate inspection. Before starting the work you will have a clear idea of ​​how we will proceed.


In this last phase, let’s move on! The construction site will start up and in a small time you will have the pool of your dreams ready for use. Never alone, from the first contact to the final realization.

Specialized services


Is your pool leaking water? Is it old? Is the filtration system no longer what it used to be? … Don’t worry, it’s completely normal, like any system even swimming pools need maintenance and renovation. Tecno Piscine is able to carry out complete renovations to redefine every pool, or renovations aimed at some accessories and construction parts.

We make targeted interventions on the parts you want to fix, replace or update.

We transform your pool into a completely new system.

Do you want to change from Skimmer to an Infinity? And therefore the filtration system? With Tecno Piscine you can!

Install water games, ask us to include games for your children in your pool project.

With Tecno Piscine you can decide to switch from fresh water to a salty water pool. Contact us!

Tecno Piscine can support you in adding stairs, replace lighting systems or other changes to the surrounding environment.



Internal lining is an essential part of the whole system: aesthetics aside, it insulates the pool from the outer environment. As time goes by, weathering and strain chip away at the liner so you have to move fast before this issue becomes bigger and jeopardizes pool operation. Lining replacement avoids leaks and restores perfect waterproofing.

During this step, pool is drained and liner is removed to check system conditions.

After carefully assessing overall conditions, the new lining is installed which had been previously advised by our staff.

As soon as new lining is installed, pool is cleaned, sanitized and refilled. Now you can go back to enjoying your pool again.



Tecno Piscine takes care of your pool at 360 °. Our expert Team performs seasonal opening and closing services; all of this translates into total assistance in preparing your pool for the summer season and putting it properly at “rest” for the winter. There are numerous operations included in this service: emptying / filling the pool, applying / removing the liners, cleaning the bottom, replacing non-functioning systems and checking any component that includes the pool and everything that revolves around it.

The best time to open your pool is usually before summer heat, that is in spring. Tecno Piscine will mainly take care of removing the winter tarp, checking water values (pH, chlorine, etc.), reassembling extras such as ladders and diving boards, reactivating filters and checking the whole pool system (such as lighting). Tecno Piscine will also check water status and advise about pool draining and bottom cleaning.

When summertime is over, pools that are not going to be used in other seasons must be put to “rest”. In other words, you have to shut down the system. Tecno Piscine shall carry out a thorough water check and cleaning in order to avoid the presence of any foreign bodies (before pool closing water must be clear). Parameters are then checked and filter is cleaned: once everything is in the right place, we cover it up with a special tarp.



Checking water parameters is vital for any pool: value check allows for safe bathing and prevents damage to skin – such as irritation – and mucous membranes. What do we do in a nutshell? Tecno Piscine shall monitor and adjust chlorine and pH, two basic parameters to ensure water disinfection. We can also check and “fix” other significant values such as cyanuric acid, temperature and alkalinity. Such an appraisal must be carried out periodically so as not to deteriorate water quality.

Indicate the acidity of the water; to be at an acceptable level it must be between 7.0 and 7.8 while its optimal level goes from 7.2 to 7.6. Having a good Ph means making the disinfectants act correctly, avoiding skin irritation and always guaranteeing transparent water.

Chlorine is certainly the most used oxidant for disinfection of swimming pool water; one of our controls measures the quantity present in the water ensuring that it is not too much (and therefore harmful to humans) or too little (not effective for pathogenic elements).



Thanks to our seasonal maintenance, we can help you avoid weighty management costs of water draining and refilling. In fact, you will be able to preserve your pool in wintertime, when you’re not using it, and make sure system is already up and running with no need for further interventions when the heat comes back.. Some basic servicing before summer bathing shall be necessary anyway, and our highly trained staff can take care of this as well. We are here to facilitate pool durability over time by offering the full service package, from construction to maintenance and feature implementation.

Tecno Piscine stands with you throughout the journey

We rely on a skilled staff, to promptly advise you on the right maintenance interventions.

We also perform maintenance on water quality to avoid skin damage and algae formation.

Tecno Piscine follows you and advises you throughout your journey.

A simple seasonal maintenance can extend the life of your pool.

We intervene promptly even in urgent situations.