The only effort? Dive into the pool.


Tecno Piscine offers the possibility of having your dream pool purchased with the “Turnkey” formula. All you have to do is contact us, and from that moment on you will be accompanied in all aspects by Tecno Piscine. Continuous support from the earliest stages such as the choice of shapes and materials, to then move on to filtration systems and various options. There are several phases that will lead to the construction of your swimming pool. Scroll down to find out which ones.



The first step towards the construction of your pool is very simple, just make a call to our office and ask for an appointment with a member of our staff. The goal of this step is to have a broad “chat” about what your needs are and begin to clarify the first doubts.

2) Interview

You will be asked many questions regarding your needs such as the aesthetics of the pool and your budget. You will then be asked what will be the place where you want to have the installation and the type of soil. The second step is probably the most important and decisive, all information will be collected including finishes, walkways and lighting.

3) Inspection and Analysis

At the end of the interview, all customer requests are analyzed. The Technical Director will carry out an inspection for an analysis. All the technical aspects will be taken into consideration and appropriately analyzed to ensure that nothing is left to chance. This is the final step of the “theoretical” part, where 90% of the following steps are decided.

4) Design

We will put into practice all the previous steps, in fact the design phase will begin. It is the most interesting moment, where we will begin to work on all aspects related to the pool, from the accessories of the solarium to the flooring, passing through the outdoor furniture. We will show you the first images of how your pool will be built to make you constantly involved in the project.

5) Estimate

The final act of our consulting process is now all in your hands. A very detailed estimate (including bureaucratic expenses) with maximum transparency and further clarifying any remaining doubts. The estimate will include everything in detail, including the cost of materials, options, lighting and everything that has already been discussed with the customer. Zero surprises.

6) Start of work

Once the estimate has been accepted, we will take care of all the paperwork and permits. Thanks to collaborations with some specialized studios, Tecno Piscine will significantly reduce the time required to have all the credentials in order. After all this process we will be ready to start the field work. Now it will only be a matter of a small time, before you’ll be ready to dive into your new pool.