Accessories for swimming pools

Relaxing has never been easier. With Tecno Piscine you will rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself thanks to a specialized range of accessories dedicated to your well-being and the safeguard of your investment .

Ask us for information on our automatic and winter covers, the possibility of having a whirlpool area. We offer lighting and heating projects, so you can enjoy your pool even in the winter months. Are you a sportsman? With counter-current swimming rediscover the desire to swim!




The automatic covers for swimming pools are motorized floating structures also known as “roller shutters”. They are mainly used for summer coverings, in addition to its classic function of protection from dirt such as falling foliage and atmospheric events. The automatic cover allows during the hottest season to avoid the phenomenon of water evaporation during the night, thus avoiding the dispersion of heat and keeping the water warmer.

Forget all the annoying and tiring manual operations. Thanks to the use of a motor and a roller, the closure of your pool will be completely automated, from the beginning to the hermetic closure. Securing the facility will be a breeze.
The installation is also adaptable to many of the shapes on the market. Remember that automatic coverage allows you to reduce management costs; saving you about 50% a year compared to what you would have to spend to keep your pool in optimal condition.



Winter covers meet all needs and allow you to protect your pool throughout the winter. Lightness, impermeability and resistance to other atmospheric agents.
Make the pool safe from any accidents such as the accidental fall of children and/or animals. Last, but not least, protection from UV rays and light (avoiding the process of algae formation). The cover allows you not to have to empty the tank and to further clean the surfaces in addition to the standard ones, with considerable savings.

The Standard Cover consists of a completely opaque sheet that prevents the entry of microorganisms, dust and prevents the formation of algae. They are simple covers.
The Filter Cover adapts to any type of shape and size; more resistant and safe than other types, it allows to withstand the weight of children and/or animals that should accidentally fall on the roof. With the filtering system, this installation is able to pass rainwater into the tank and instead retain dirt.

Thermal heating systems


Enjoy your pool even in Winter.
Tecno Piscine is able to install heating systems in your pool that will allow you to use the swimming pool not only in the canonical three summer months, but also during the rest of the year. The thermal systems we are going to install could also be useful for those who wish to keep the water temperature under control even on summer days if, for example, their pool is often covered by shadows, or if you want to enjoy the construction even at night. Request more information from our experts on the types of heating: heat pump, heat exchanger or electric.



Relaxing has never been easier, rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself thanks to the whirlpool areas that Tecno Piscine can install in your system. Choose whether to insert the water massage directly as an integral part of the pool or opt for a separate corner dedicated to your relaxation. All made with high quality materials that allow the realization to last over time.

Let yourself be caressed by the pressure emitted by the vents in the focal points of your body, such as the lumbar part of the back or the neck. Hydromassage in addition to freeing your mind, it can be very useful as a relaxing “massage” for muscles that are a bit bruised after physical exertion. Give yourself a well-deserved break and enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing water massage.



Tecno Piscine thanks to its expert staff will be able to guide you in the ideal choice of lighting, for your pool. Each pool is different in its own way, and each of them stands out differently. In addition to the correct positioning and balance of the lights, Tecno Piscine can also guide you through the different types of lighting. There are several, ranging from classic white/colored underwater LEDs to the infinity backlight, without forgetting the surrounding lighting, to make your space unforgettable.

Discover, thanks to Tecno Piscine, the power of lighting; creates magical atmospheres and fantastic plays of light during the evening hours. Thanks to our expertise, finding the right lighting balance will be a breeze.
Our LED lights installed in strategic points of the pool will surprise you and those around you. Nothing will be more enjoyable than an evening swim surrounded by relaxing lighting.

Ideal for sportsmen


Upstream Swimming allows you to swim in small pools. A nozzle that we will install in the wall of your pool connected to a high-powered pump will create a flow that will offer resistance, thus allowing you to swim in your pool without actually moving an inch. Adjust the intensity, free your boundaries and swim in your pool like an Olympian.

Whether you are a professional sportsman or you simply want to stay in shape, this is a unique opportunity to concentrate well-being and health in the same space. The benefits don’t stop there; use your pool as a small rehabilitation center where you can perform hydrotherapy exercises that are also useful for injury recovery. One swimming pool, a thousand features.